Surprisingly light, very comfortable and very pretty. I'm absolutely in love with this ring and with the wide range of colors available, I'm thinking about buying some more!
Kathryn, Etsy in United States
I purchased two rings from Resity and I love them both! They are such fun, beautiful pieces. I would absolutely buy from this shop again!
Alison, Etsy in United States
Come per l'altro ciondolo acquistato, anche questa piccola rosa è stata molto apprezzata dalla mia Sara. Grazie Paula!
Paolo G. Mandelli, Etsy in Italy
Wonderful quality product! Since I'm unfamiliar with resin, I didn't realize how lightweight it would be. :) It's beautiful and I'm excited to give the other one I purchased from this shop to my significant other. Perfect way to have paired rings without them being identical.
Jack Lee, Etsy in United States

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Antiqued silver pendants with emerald colored resin and tiny red wildflowers encased in liquid resin, that gives them a 3D effect

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Why resin rings?

Because ... there are slight differences in each product which not just simply adds to their appeal, but also ensures your piece is absolutely unique

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Why resin pendants?

Because ... the nature encased in resin exhibits elegance and charm without being overly extravagant.

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Because ...
They are lightweight, durable and timeless. 

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