About Us

Welcome to our world of resin jewelry! Meet Paula and Andrei, the creators behind this enchanting online store. With passion and love, they craft stunning pieces that capture the essence of their artistic souls.

Driven by encouragement from their loved ones, Paula embarked on her jewelry-making journey in 2012. What started as a personal hobby soon blossomed into a shared vision. Opening their virtual doors, they entered a new realm of possibilities.

Like a child on the first day of school, Paula had no idea what awaited her. Yet, that exhilarating moment arrived when her very first customer walked in and made a purchase. It was a delightful man from across the globe who acquired a pair of earrings crafted by Paula herself. That extraordinary feeling ignited the spark that propels their shop forward.

At its core, their store embraces open-mindedness and celebrates alternative lifestyles. They aspire to cultivate an inclusive space where authenticity thrives and self-expression knows no bounds.

Every aspect of their small business is personally tended to by Paula and Andrei. They genuinely treasure the support they receive from their clients. By choosing their resin jewelry, you're not only acquiring a unique piece, but you're also becoming a part of their heartfelt journey.

Indulge in the beauty and craftsmanship of Paula and Andrei's resin jewelry collection. Step into their world and discover the magic they weave through their artistry.

Join us and be captivated by the wonder of resin jewelry at its finest.