About Us

We're thrilled you found us, and we'd love to get to know you. We are Paula and Andrei and this is our little corner of the web where we share with the world our love for resin jewelry.

I started making jewelry in 2012, just for myself, but my parents and loved ones encouraged me to share my passion with the world, so I finally decided to open an online shop. At first, it was like being a child on his first day of school—I had no idea what to expect or how people would react to my work. My first customer stepped into my little store and made my first sale! A man from the other side of the world purchased a pair of earrings made by me. That was the best feeling and the thing that kept me going with my shop.

We’re all about open-mindedness and alternative lifestyle choices—we want to create a space where people feel like they can be themselves without worrying about what other people think.

Every aspect of our small business is taken care of by us, so we really appreciate all the support we get from our clients.