About Us

Resity Shop is a small family business founded in 2012.
We combine nature and resin to create one of a kind jewelry in our workshop located in Sibiu, Romania.
My name is Paula Schiau. I am a 26 year old art graduate following my passion along with my husband and brother. I’ve tried different styles and materials over the years, and finally ended up using resin as my main medium.

The first step in creating the rings is pouring transparent or colored epoxy resin into our handmade silicone molds.

Next, we carefully place metallic flakes (silver, gold or copper) inside the molds.
We remove the rough rings from the molds after the curing process ends.
Next, we use sandpaper with grit ranging from 200 to 5000 to give the rings smooth edges.
The final step is cleaning and polishing the rings with a wax based product, to give them glass-like shine and a protective coat.

We get our roses from local flower merchants and allow them to dry completely for about 2 weeks.
We place the roses inside silicone molds matching the roses’ diameter.

We then fill the molds with transparent epoxy resin and allow them to cure for a couple of days.
Once removed from the molds, we sand the top part of the spheres, we glue a cap (antiqued brass or silver) and put the pendant on a chain. We capture and preserve nature’s essence in our jewelry.

WHY Resin jewelry?

Because ...
They are lightweight, durable and timeless.
The nature encased in resin exhibits elegance and charm without being overly extravagant.
There are slight differences in each product which not just simply adds to their appeal, but also ensures your piece is absolutely unique